At the Social Mind Center, we understand the source of your child’s social and behavioral struggles. The Social Mind Center will develop a plan to equip your child with the tools to bridge social, emotional, and academic gaps.


At the Social Mind Center we provide intervention, tools and strategies to give your child the social, organizational and academic skills they need for success.


Gifted & Shy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorder Aspergers, ADDHD, Language Delays, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety Disorders, etc.

Children are grouped by skill set; never by diagnosis. An individual intervention plan, including assessment and goals is developed for each child. Progress reporting and team conferencing occur every 12-16 sessions. Intervention is structured and focused.


Social groups consists of 2 to 5 children led by a certified therapist. Conversational skills, friendship development, interaction skills, problem solving, emotional understanding, and how to understand other people’s perspective is the group focus. By exposing the child to social interaction, engaging them in a shared experience and coaching him/her as to what is regarded as appropriate and inappropriate behavior equips the child for social success.


Social Groups can benefit any child struggling with building friendships, communication, and/or peer collaboration. Our social group curriculum is invaluable in addressing friendship challenges for example children who show:

  • Little interest in others
  • Weak empathy
  • Egocentric
  • May prefer to be alone
  • Better with younger children
  • Better with adults
  • Does not repair conflicts
  • Limited share enjoyment


An initial social communication assessment identifies the child’s area of weakness to be targeted in social group.

In addition as part of a social assessment, the child is observed in a natural setting (e.g. academic setting). This allows for comprehensive planning based on real-time across environments.

Cogmed Services

Cogmed Working Memory Training

The Social Mind Center is a proud provider of the Cogmed Working Memory Training program.

Cogmed is a working memory and attention training program designed to improve working memory in people with attention or working memory issues.

Developed by Torkel Klingberg, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, this program was shown to help about 75 to 80 percent of kids — specifically, in reducing inattention and hyperactivity.

Enrollment is easy and pain-free.

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Social Mind Center Mission

The Social Mind Center encourages, equips and empowers children, on the autism spectrum and with social communication disorders, to reach their maximum potential. We create innovative interventions and customized tools for classroom management, to promote academic and social self-sufficiency.

Social Mind Center Difference

At the Social Mind Center we are a team that you can trust to help your child achieve. We do not make assumptions about a child based on a label.

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