How do you build social communication?

At SMC our speech pathologists ensure that the child is developing language in the three areas required to be an effective communicator:

  • Content - consists of vocabulary and category building. Content consists of your word knowledge and your world knowledge. It is continuous over the life span.
  • Form - the rules of language including grammar rules and sound rules.
  • Use - social language consists of verbal and non-verbal language.

In our social communication groups we instruct on:

  • Building content for conversations around a topic, idea interest using correct for. So the communication message is understood by another person.
  • Using body language, tone of voice, and words to connect with others.

Why is social communication so important?

Social communication is the means by which we connect to other people and build relationships. We want to have positive and successful relationships with our children and we want them to build positive and successful relationships with other people.

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