Steps to Social Competency by SMC ®

Step 1: Self and social awareness – Level 1 messy art and movement groups

  • aware of me in the social environment
  • how my body, actions and thoughts impact my behavior in turn impacting me socially
  • how my behavior is perceived by others impacting me socially
  • awareness that there are social expectations in varying environments

Step 2: Thinking of and interpreting social environment – Level 2 science group

  • seeks out social interactions (join group and requests social outings with friends)
  • independently identify social expectations for a social scenario
  • independently identify the language and behavior that corresponds to varying social scenarios ex. connected conversation meaning on topic and relevant context to situation
  • self-monitor behavior and emotions to shift mindset and behavior in varying scenarios
  • increasing self-awareness of others perception of them and increasing emotional awareness
  • recognizes need to flex to maintain friendships (work in progress)

Step 3: Self managing behavior and social problem solving - Level 3

  • Self-manages behavior and adjusts behavior to meet expectations of social scenario
  • corresponding language for social situation (appropriate words and actions for situation)
  • expands language and perspective to sustain friendships
  • recognizes need to be flexible and flexes independently, implements strategies to bridge skill gap when necessary

Step 4: Self-advocacy – Level 4

  • self-awareness and insight to adjust independently in varying social scenarios
  • expanding language to self-advocate such as problem solving and negotiation
    • articulates one’s needs,
    • informed decisions to support needs
    • speak and act on their own behalf to improve quality of life
  • proactively manages and balances emotions implementing strategies to bridge skill gap
  • shifts mind set (flexes) to correspond to social scenario (example, going for walk during a party or getting something to eat leave group temporarily
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