This Summer 2017


Our current SMC schedule continues through the summer introducing new social topics.

Connections: Through social experience in the community! Come socialize with us! Bowling day, Beach Boardwalk Fun, Dinner/Movie, Coffeehouse Talk, and Museum Adventure.

  • Kickoff: Bowling on Saturday, May 20th, from 1 to 3pm ($15.00 per child includes shoes , food and drink at Sparez Bowling Lane! (5235 South University Drive Davie, FL 33328).

Social Communication Groups:

I AM! Empowering and connecting girls to the issues and solutions to succeed in middle and high school on June 22nd, June 27th, 28th, 29th, July 5th, and 6th. A total of 6 sessions for $480.00. Early registration discount available if registered prior/on June 8th.

Social Problem Solving (SPC): Summer groups focusing on conflict resolution on June 26th through the week of August 14th. A total of 9 weeks, sessions are once a week, with varying days (Tuesday (4:30), Wednesday (3:30), and Thursday (4:30) for $720.00. Early registration discount available if registered prior/on June 8th.

Peers Group: The Science of Making Friends! Summer groups focusing on developing and maintaining friendships on June 26th through the week of August 14th. This group is geared towards middle and high school students. A total of 9 weeks, Wednesday at 4:30pm, for $720.00. Early registration discount available if registered prior/on June 8th.

Parent Meetups: Stay tuned for summer dates and locations!

Tree Top Program:

SMC Social Communication Groups at schools! In 2017 SMC launched the Tree Top Program bringing a social communication group to the school curriculum and/or after-school programming.

  • SMC’s Tree Top program is designed for children to excel in an academic environment by training them to navigate the social world successfully through building language, conversation, problem solving, people, and play skills. The future will require of our children flawless social, communication and leadership skills

Schedule Individual Sessions Now:

Intensives: Individualized and customized therapy plans multiple times per week for a set period of time. A day of intensives may include speech-language therapy, social skills, play therapy, and occupational therapy. In between the therapies, recreational activities such as art and music may be included to encourage, reorganize, and energize.

Intensive Language Therapy: Customized for each child. Focusing on:

  • Academic and Social Language
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Inferencing Main Idea
  • Following Directions
  • Math-word Problems
  • Function Words (next to, and, in, back, of)

Counseling and Coaching: Learn new strategies and coping skills through Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) changing patterns of thinking or behavior leading to problem solving and new coping strategies. Schedule sessions with Dr. Tanya Solomon (Psychologist) and Samantha Salver (Social Worker/Counselor).

SIGN UP! EMAIL Ana Anselma (

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