This Summer 2017

SMC SUMMER CONNECTIONS - NEW INFORMATION, NEW SKILLS! Our current SMC schedule continues through the summer introducing new social topics.

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Who we are and what we do?

We Understand your extraordinary child. The Social Mind Center will develop a plan to equip your child with the tools to acquire social, emotional, and academic success.

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What is social communication?

At the Social Mind Center our speech pathologists emphasize and prioritize the development of language. Social communication refers to the language used in social situations. Social communication is also commonly referred to as pragmatics. For children with social communication challenges pragmatics or the social use of language is less developed.

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How do you build social communication?

At SMC our speech pathologists ensure that the child is developing language in the three areas required to be an effective communicator:

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Think Exposure

GO OUTSIDE! of your routine and explore new places. New places bring about new connections with new people and experiences expanding a child’s social and emotional intelligence. For a concrete thinker new exposure can increase flexibility.

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Connecting with our environments

At SMC in addition to building a childs social communication we also want the child to connect and engage their environments. We want them to have body and mind awareness.

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Think Independence

Personal hygiene and managing personal appearance is a skill that continues to evolve throughout a child’s development. Some children have little interest in personal hygiene and this is due in part to lack of understanding of the health repercussions and to lack of social perspective.

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Think Strategy

Think global skills! In an article from World Economic Forum (2016) the top 10 skills that will be needed for future employment by 2020.

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Connecting with our thoughts and feelings

At SMC our interventions by our counselors and psychologists focus instructing in the understanding and awareness of thoughts and emotions that lead to positive behaviors.

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