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The Social Mind Center is a proud provider of the Cogmed Working Memory Training program. Cogmed is a working memory and attention training program developed by Torkel Klingberg, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute. This online-based intervention is designed to improve working memory in people with attention or working memory issues.

Published, peer-reviewed and controlled clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that, upon completion of the Cogmed Working Memory Training, 80% of participants have significantly improved their ability to concentrate and use complex reasoning skills over the long term. It is suitable for young children.

Dr. Sandra Savinelli, a Florida-licensed speech-language pathologist, oversees and runs our SMC program. Dr. Savinelli has over 20 years of experience and is actively involved in the case management for each Cogmed participant. Our SMC Cogmed Working Memory Training enrollment includes:

  • 25 training sessions - pre and post assessment
  • Intake, weekly conferences and follow up completed by Dr. Savinelli
  • 6 month follow up

Children have been studied most extensively, and about 75 to 80 percent of kids show improvement — that is, inattention and hyperactivity are reduced. Karolinska Institute researchers completed functional MRIs of the children they studied. The MRIs showed physical changes in the brain’s pre-frontal and parietal regions after completing the training. At six-month and one-year follow-up, about 80 percent of subjects maintained their working-memory gains or improved on them.

There have been no observed side effects. It doesn’t affect other therapies. The program does not claim to replace medication. While many ADHD individuals get good results on medications, drugs don’t usually manage all symptoms. Improving working memory can address those problems.

Enrollment is easy and pain-free.

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Can my child participate in more than one group?

Many children take advantage of more than one group experience at SMC. This allows the child multiple opportunities for social practice within a variety of activities and with a variety of children and therapists.

Does my child need a diagnosis to participate in a group?

An initial social communication assessment identifies the child area of weakness to be targeted in social group.

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