Commonly Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Social Mind Center programming?
What is a Social Communication Group at Social Mind Center?
Can your child benefit from a social group?
Does my child need a diagnosis to participate in a group?
Can my child participate in more than one group?
  • Gifted & Shy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Social Communication Disorder
  • Aspergers
  • Language Delays
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety Disorders, etc.

Children are grouped by skillset never by diagnosis. An individual intervention plan, including assessment and goals is developed for each child. Progress reporting and team conferencing occur every 12-16 sessions. Intervention is structured and focused.

A group of children led by a certified therapist. Conversational skills, friendship development, interaction skills, problem solving, emotional understanding, and how to understand other people’s perspective is the group focus.

By exposing the child to social interaction, engaging them in a shared experience and coaching him/her as to what is regarded as appropriate and inappropriate behavior equips the child for social success.

Social skills groups can benefit any child struggling making friendships, communicating, playing or working in groups.

Problems with Friendships:

  • Little interest in others
  • Lacks empathy
  • Cannot function in a group
  • Egocentric
  • May prefer to be alone
  • Better with younger children
  • Better with adults
  • Does not repair conflicts
  • Limited share enjoyment

An initial social communication assessment identifies the child area of weakness to be targeted in social group.

In addition as part of a social assessment, the child is passively observed in the academic setting. This allows for comprehensive planning based in real-time across environments.

Many children take advantage of more than one group experience at SMC. This allows the child multiple opportunities for social practice within a variety of activities and with a variety of children and therapists.

Participation in several activities or groups also provides the child and family with a nonjudgmental environment leading to social growth.

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