Social Groups

Center programs are geared to improve social relations by expanding on their current skill set.

Social Perspective Groups

Social Communication Groups

Focus: Social language and perspective-taking curriculum that gives children the skills to connect with others and build friendships thru flexible thinking. Some children miss social cues and misperceive body language. We offer coaching and direct experience that leads to cognitive and emotional development

Sessions: Once a week for a semester of 16 weeks

Pricing: $80.00 a session

Activities: role playing, video modeling, flexible thinking, problem solving and social interpretation

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Social Practice Groups

Social Practice Groups

Focus: Our Messy Art, Cooking, Music groups are centered on activities that encourage sharing space with peers and working on creative projects that focus on daily living skills, sensory exploration, motor planning and modulation

Sessions: One to two times a week


  • Messy Art: $30.00 a session
  • Movement: $30.00 a session
  • Music Groups: $30.00 a session


  • Messy Art: sensory exploration, painting and creating through multiple mediums
  • Movement: share space, motor planning, coordination (movement quality), endurance/ sustaining movement
  • Music: guitar & piano lessons, duet performance and group performance training
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Social Collaborative Groups

Social Collaborative Groups

Focus: Our Lego and Science groups focus on working together on team projects. Emphasis is placed on social communication practice such as turn-taking, initiating communication, problem solving and conflict resolution

Sessions: One to two times a week

Pricing: $65.00 a session


  • Lego: group based projects and cooperative building
  • Science: investigating, experimenting and learning how the brain and body work
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Commonly asked questions

Can my child participate in more than one group?

Many children take advantage of more than one group experience at SMC. This allows the child multiple opportunities for social practice within a variety of activities and with a variety of children and therapists.

Does my child need a diagnosis to participate in a group?

An initial social communication assessment identifies the child area of weakness to be targeted in social group.

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