Assessments: In-Depth

A social cognitive assessment utilizing a modified version of the Social Thinking Dynamic Assessment Protocol and I LAUGH model (Winner, 2007). The I LAUGH model is the framework representing the many different concepts needed to relate to those around us enabling successful interpretation of social information across environments including academic lessons (e.g. reading comprehension and written expression).

The Center utilizes Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking® curriculum as a foundation for all activities. The primary focus of the center is to teach children how thinking affects behavior and emotions (Winner, 2007). Michelle Garcia Winner's (2007) I LAUGH model focuses on concepts that contribute to a child's overall Social Thinking®.

Below are the areas targeted in I LAUGH:


How it affects classroom functioning

Type of Deficit

How it affects social interaction

I = 
poor Initiation of communication and action

  • Does not ask for help

  • Sits and does nothing when others are doing something

  • In group work, may not participate or only know how to direct others; weak negotiator

  • Does not initiate appropriate social interactions or begin working on novel activity

L = 
Listening - with eyes and brain



  • Does not easily process the meaning of spoken messages

  • Does not predict people's unstated plans

  • Poor sustained eye contact diminishes understanding of total communicative message

  • Difficulty functioning in large groups; needs more direct instruction

  • Does not observe social cues

  • Does not process the meaning of others' messages

Step 4: Scoring, Interpretation and Written Report

Dr. Solomon will score all the tests, review performance and observations, analyze the results, and integrate all the data into a written report.

Step 5: Feedback Session with Parents/ Caregivers

During the feedback session, results are reviewed. The child's strengths and weaknesses are discussed, and recommendations are tailored to address the child's specific difficulties.