The Social Mind Center designs education and intervention plans for schools who have a growing demand of students with special needs requiring a more customized curriculum with strategies to manage communication deficits.

In addition Social Mind Center designs intervention plans for an individual child and implements plan across environments to include school and home to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and speed of skill acquisition. 

School Resource Center

Provide for your families a school resource center that will allow the students requiring additional assistance to obtain the services they need to bridge communication and social emotional learning.

Solution: Our team will formulate a plan, schedule and staff your resource center to meet the needs of your student population.

Classroom Support for Students 

Provide individualized strategy plan for a student that has skill deficits impacting his academic and social self-sufficiency. 

Solution: An observation by one of our professional team members will identify the source of the deficit and allow us to formulate a strategy plan for implementation in the classroom by a SMC Team member. The SMC Team member will train the student and the teacher on the use of established strategies.


  • Observation of child in classroom

  • Creating a strategy plan to be implemented in classroom

  • Train teacher on plan

  • Provide child with tools that will assist in bridging skill gaps and increase performance

Classroom Management Training for Teachers

Strategies are provided to teachers to address the ever increasing diversity of learning styles within a classroom environment. Increasing the teacher’s ability to customized strategies based on a child’s skill profile will optimize success for learning and manage student behaviors due to frustration and weaknesses in social language capabilities.

Solution: The teacher will have the knowledge and tools needed to address the varying needs of her students. In addition teachers will have resources to easily include social and emotional learning into their already existing curriculum.


  • Teacher Training Workshop customized to the needs of your school

  • Overview of skill deficits associated with varying diagnoses
 (What are you looking at)

  • Overview of strategies to manage behaviors and address skill deficits

  • Resources for your classroom such as Social Learning Kit

  • Framework for creating social skill building activities in the classroom

  • Learning positive parent conversations that build a cooperative relationship


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