The Center offers interventions that focus on the individual needs of a child. Following assessment a specific goal plan is developed and recommendations for weekly intervention are given.



Focus: Provide counseling, instruction, and mentoring for those struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral problems.


  • Increase achievement by assessing barriers to learning

  • Determining the best instructional strategies to improve learning

  • Promote wellness and resilience by reinforcing:

    • Communication

    • social skills

    • problem solving

    • anger management

    • self-regulation

    • self-determination and optimism

Sessions: 1 to 2 times a week/ 1 hour session

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Speech & Language Therapy

Focus: Increase functional communication skills through a variety of models including PECS, communication applications, speech generating device and verbal output. Increase receptive –expressive language abilities to move more age appropriate level. Increase speech development and production. Increase receptive –expressive language abilities necessary for academic & social success.

Sessions: 1 to 4 times a week/ 30 minute sessions


Occupational Therapy

Focus: Pediatric OT works with the child and family to develop underlying necessary skills for learning and participating in the environment. This includes developing motor, cognitive, perceptual and sensory skills in order to improve and facilitate performance.

Sessions: 1 to 2 times a week/30 minute sessions


Behavioral Therapy

Focus: Individualized intervention and training to address behavioral challenges that impact learning and building relationships.

Sessions: 1 to 2 a week/45 minutes to an hour


Academic Tutoring

Focus: Individualized tutoring plans to meet each child’s specific needs. Tutoring focusing on the language arts, organizational and study strategies.

Sessions: 1 to 3 times a week/1 hour sessions



Focus: Intensive interventions are provided using a variety of disciplines (OT, ST, ABA, Play) and target improving the skill set for the whole child. Intensive interventions are provided for short amounts of time addressing weaknesses in multiple areas.

Sessions: 1 to 2 time a week

Schedule: Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 9:00am to 12pm


Focus: Provide counseling, instruction, and mentoring for those struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral problems.

Solution: Increase achievement by assessing barriers to learning. Determining the best instructional strategies to improve learning.

Promote wellness and resilience by reinforcing:

  • Communication

  • Social skills

  • Problem solving

  • Anger management

  • Self-regulation

  • Self-determination and optimism

Sessions: 1 to 2 times a week/ 1 hour session

Classroom Support for Students


Provide individualized strategy plan for a student that has skill deficits impacting his academic and social self-sufficiency. 

Solution: An observation by one of our professional team members will identify the source of the deficit and allow us to formulate a strategy plan for implementation in the classroom by a SMC Team member. The SMC Team member will train the student and the teacher on the use of established strategies.


  • Observation of child in classroom

  • Creating a strategy plan to be implemented in classroom

  • Train teacher on plan

  • Provide child with tools that will assist in bridging skill gaps and increase performance

Classroom Management Training for Teachers


Strategies are provided to teachers to address the ever increasing diversity of learning styles within a classroom environment. Increasing the teacher’s ability to customized strategies based on a child’s skill profile will optimize success for learning and manage student behaviors due to frustration and weaknesses in social language capabilities.

Solution: The teacher will have the knowledge and tools needed to address the varying needs of her students. In addition teachers will have resources to easily include social and emotional learning into their already existing curriculum.


  • Teacher Training Workshop customized to the needs of your school

  • Overview of skill deficits associated with varying diagnoses
    (What are you looking at)

  • Overview of strategies to manage behaviors and address skill deficits

  • Resources for your classroom such as Social Learning Kit

  • Framework for creating social skill building activities in the classroom

  • Learning positive parent conversations that build a cooperative relationship

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