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Organized thinking a road map to academic and self-management success for both parent and child. Group sessions incorporate parent training.

  • Classes are a combination of online sessions and live classes at center

  • Classes are in modules of 8 session

  • Only 2 -3 students per session

  • An assessment will help us make recommendation on which module to prioritize

  • Cost for class $420 per 8 week session

Classes are in modules of 8 sessions. Prior to commencement of class an assessment will help us make recommendation on which module to prioritize.  

My stuff (Module 1):

Tracking my belongings:

  1. Managing my assignments -keeping track of information and materials

  2. Working with my teachers

  3. Managing my work place, locker, backpack, and room 

My work (Module 2)

Time tracking, agenda, schedule creation, and management

  1. Understanding time and calendars-creating personal calendars to track activities and events.

  2. Learn how to estimate and record length of time needed to accomplish tasks

  3. Time tracking - track time taken to complete homework and projects with simulated assignments

  4. Time planning for long-term assignments and projects

  5. Impact of distractions on free time through simulated exercises

My planning (Module 3)

  1. Task planning

  2. The goal

  3. Breaking down into steps

  4. How long will it take each step

  5. When will it fit into my schedule

  6. Goal setting, planning and tracking

  7. Habit building, planning and tracking