Mission > SMC Team Difference:

1.    SMC clinical Director Dr. Sandra Savinelli has 30 years experience in social communication intervention.

2.    SMC co-founder Ana Anselma is a parent of two children on the autism spectrum. Each child has an expansive understanding of their autism and are role models for youth. Ana Anselma has a vested personal interest in developing strategies, and tools for all children to succeed.

3.    SMC focuses on the skill profile of the child. Every child has a unique make up of strength and weaknesses.

4.    SMC interventions are focused on equipping the child with skills that encourage self-management that lead to social and emotional self-sufficiency.

5.    SMC team members have exposure, experience and intervention implementation with thousands of varying learning profiles of children with social communication challenges across environments such as school and home.

6.    SMC team members have personal experiences with learning differences.

7.    SMC interventions focus on the source(s) of deficits in ASD and social communication disorders such as lack of social understanding, (inability to acquire social understanding independent of direct instruction) and building social language & theory of mind (thinking what others are thinking) addressing perspective impairment

8.    SMC intervention plans are customized to the child’s profile that is compiled from assessments and observations in varying environments. We value feedback from family, educators and all involved in the child’s life.

9.   SMC focus on equally developing the child’s strength as overcoming weaknesses.

10. SMC team approachable, knowledgeable and connects intervention goals across the therapies.

11. SMC is an amazing facility for the whole family.

The team at Social Mind Center has gone the extra mile in supporting my son, not only at the center, but also at his school. Thank you.
— Maylin Huerta