Mission > What We Believe:

1.    We believe that language is what connects us to the world and others. We believe that the limitations of your language are the limits of your world (Ludwig Wittgenstein).

2.    We believe every child is more than a diagnosis and a sum of their weaknesses.

3.    We believe no child wants to fail.

4.    We believe every child should be part of the solution to their own challenges.

5.    We believe every child has a place and purpose in the world and deserves to find it.

6.    We believe every child should be equipped and encouraged to acquire the self-management skills that lead to a healthy, happy and balanced life.

7.    We believe that communication is a fundamental component in connecting with others and building relationships.

8.    We believe that helping children become aware and understanding of the thoughts and feelings that influence behavior is the key to a successful, independent and balanced life.

9.    We believe autism is a different kind of mind that learns and processes information differently therefore requiring corresponding teaching strategies.

10. We believe that all on the autism spectrum have limitless potential, deserve respect for their individuality, and have a right be instructed, equipped to understand the ways of the neuro-typical world.

The team at Social Mind Center has gone the extra mile in supporting my son, not only at the center, but also at his school. Thank you.
— Maylin Huerta