Dr. Tanya Duffy Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a licensed psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and their families with various concerns such as: developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, attentional limitations, grief, anxiety, emotional concerns, self-injurious behavior, and impaired vision. Dr. Solomon earned her Doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University after completing training at a school psychology clinic, private schools, hospitals, mental health centers, and private practice settings. She also completed specialized coursework in psychopharmacology. She has extensive experience conducting autism diagnostic, developmental, psychoeducational, gifted, and psychological testing to determine a child's strengths and areas for growth. She has utilized individual, family, and group therapy to treat her clients, as well as provided crisis intervention. In addition, Dr. Solomon has served various roles in her early childhood work such as directing a diagnostic clinic, supervising experimenters in active research studies, providing consultation for a private preschool, and implementing behavioral and augmentative communication strategies.