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Social Communication Groups

Our social communication groups are available from preschool through high school and follow a social language and perspective-taking curriculum that gives children the skills to connect with others and build relationships through flexible thinking. Some children miss social cues and misperceive body language.  We offer coaching and direct experience that leads to cognitive, social and emotional development.

Social communication groups can benefit any child struggling with building relationships, communication, and/or peer collaboration.

Group Format:

Social groups consist of 2 to 5 children led by a certified therapist:

  • Group ages range from 4 to 18. We have preschool and high school teenage groups

  • 1 hour session once a week Monday thru Thursday

  • Cost is $80.00 a session

  • Individualized goal plan

Weekly topics:

  • social lessons

  • collaborative experience

  • conversational skills

  • relationship development,

  • interaction skills

  • problem solving

  • emotional understanding and understanding other people’s perspective

 Social Competency Strategy:

  • Build & expand social perspective (thinking about others and what are thinking)

  • Build & expand social language (socially acceptable words & body posture)

Creative Social Groups

Our messy, movement and science groups are designed for children that are working on managing their behavior, emotions and building communication skills.

Created to Create Art Group:

Our group is centered on activities that encourage expanding of imagination and creativity by exploring with different media, techniques and building confidence.

  • Ages 4-10

  • 45 min session once a week – Tuesday’s 4:00 pm

  • Cost $40.00 a session

Social skill focus:

  • Collaborate to create

  • Compromising and sharing ideas

  • Flexibility

  • Exploring emotional expression with art

Social Connection Group:

Our Social Connection group is centered on activities that encourage sharing space, group projects, body and emotion awareness, coping skills, motor planning and social language

  • Ages 4-7

  • 45 min.  session once a week –Tuesday’s 3:45 pm

  • Cost $60 a session

Social skill focus:

  • Aware of me in the social environment 

  • How my body and actions impact my behavior impacting me socially

  • Imitates action to maintain social attention

  • Transitions to next activity when directed


  • Project-based learning- covers topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)

  • Ages 7-10

  • Group meets on Monday’s or Thursday’s 4:30-5:30pm

  • Cost $50.00 a session  8 week series

  • Social competency skill focus is encouraging thinking social

Social skill focus:

  • Focus on increasing social attention and sharing space skills

  • Stay on topic, task and with team

  • Compromising and sharing ideas

  • Understanding my actions impact others

Executive Function Skills:

  • Goal setting and task planning - steps to a multi-faceted project

  • Identify goal - in science completing experiment

  • Breaking it down into steps

  • Estimate time



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