An invaluable community resource where my families have found excellent services and a caring, dedicated, and insightful staff.
— Dr. Aronson-Ramos

At SMC, we teach social competence resulting in the development of social skills. Social competence refers to social, emotional, cognitive skills, and behaviors that children need for successful social adaptation across environments.

Most families will spend thousands of dollars on their child’s academic education while investing less time focusing on tools to communicate that knowledge in highly competitive secondary education and job market environments. 

Based on research, the 5 skills in most demand for employers include:

  • Creativity

  • Persuasion 

  • Collaboration

  • Adaptability

  •  Time management

These skills are considered to be ‘soft skills’ not focused on within the educational system. By investing in social, emotional intelligence, you are giving your child a competitive edge. One that will be highly valued in the job market, where the human interactional factor cannot be replaced with technology.  And will provide the social emotional balance for a fulfilling life

SMC social groups and/or individual coaching will develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, flexibility, negotiation, conflict resolution, self-confidence, and the ability to collaborate effectively now, in the academic environment, as well as in the future.

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Autism Mind


Have you received a recent diagnosis of autism?

Are you needing guidance on your journey with autism?

Autism Mind will change the way you live with autism.

My name is Ana Anselma, the creator of Autism Mind an equipping site providing coaching, strategies and tools for parents and caregivers.


  • Coaching

    • identify your child’s learning profile

  • Parent training & support

    • strategies for living and succeeding with autism

  • Planning

    • goal directed intervention planning suited to your child’s profile

    • school search and classroom solutions

    • IEP planning, writing and meeting support

    • therapist and professional search


Our Mission

At SMC our mission is to equip children with social communication skills to connect with peers and build relationships for life. 

  • We are a community

  • Here to help you figure it out

  • We know big journeys begin with small steps

  • We will guide you on your next step

  • And support you on your journey

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