Social Mind Center’s Mission


The Social Mind Center’s Mission is to equip children with social communication skills to connect with peers and build relationships for life.

At SMC, we teach social competence resulting in social skills. Social competence refers to social, emotional, and cognitive skills and behaviors that children need for successful social adaptation across environments.

Our focus at SMC is on thinking not behavior. Thinking drives behavior.  To adapt our behaviors to the social situation we must have social, emotional, and organized thinking. In building a social mind we teach:

1.   Social attention: seeing

2.   Social understanding

3.   Social interpretation

4.   Social interaction

We Are Not a Clinic we are a Center that is a community sharing knowledge and resources on best practices for communication interventions.

Our Team has decades of experience with thousands of varying learning profiles of extraordinary children requiring unique coaching and instruction to equip them with social communication skills to succeed across environments.

SMC Team Interventions focus on the source(s) of deficits in ASD and social communication disorders such as lack of social understanding, (inability to acquire social understanding independent of direct instruction) and building social language & theory of mind (thinking what others are thinking) addressing perspective impairment.

SMC Team Intervention plans are customized to the child’s profile that is compiled from assessments and observations in varying environments. We value feedback from family, educators and all involved in the child’s life.

We believe that language is what connects us to the world and others. We believe that the limitations of your language are the limits of your world (Ludwig Wittgenstein).

We believe every child is more than a diagnosis and a sum of their weaknesses.

The team at Social Mind Center has gone the extra mile in supporting my son, not only at the center, but also at his school. Thank you.
— Maylin Huerta

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