Silvia van Boom
Speech Pathologist

Silvia earned her Logopedie and Audiometrie degree in the Netherlands. Silvia is fluent in English and Dutch and speaks and understands German.

Silvia has worked as a speech therapist in a variety of setting including the school setting, private practice and in a hospital working with both the pediatric and adult population. Silvia is NDT certified and has completed the Mueller eating and drinking course becoming a licensed Prelogopedist. Upon completing her NDT and Mueller course work, Mrs. Van Boom worked with premature infants to increase sucking and swallowing reflexes working towards weaning the infant off of tube feedings while overcoming sensory issues common in preterm infants.

Silvia has lived in a multitude of countries where she continued her speech-language practice focusing on the pediatric population within a private practice and school- based instruction. She has expertise in treatment of children in a variety of educational environments assessing and treating the necessary language abilities, for both reading and oral language, required for academic success. Silvia holds expertise in treatment of communication disorders, augmentative communication development, voice disorders, and dysfluency. She is proficient in English and Dutch as well as understanding and speaking German.