Evaluations & Assessments


At Social Mind Center we value a child's unique profile and we believe that it is just as important to identify the child's strengths as their weaknesses. We devote a great amount of time in gathering the appropriate information to develop a comprehensive profile of your child's skills set. Our assessments help us to identify the focus and plan of the intervention.

Social Communication Assessments

Focus: Social Communication assessments help us determine the skill set a child currently has in order to formulate a plan of care (a document defining intervention and goals for social group) in addition, determine social group placement that would maximize the child's progress.

Sessions: 1 time session/1 hour


Psychological & Developmental Evaluations

Focus: Psychological and Developmental Assessments are needed to properly diagnose ASD, ADHD and/or emotional behavioral, identify source of learning, attention or behavioral difficulties, provide us with an evaluation of the child's IQ in general and identify specific interests or talents a child has and to help us identify the child's learning style.

Sessions: 2-3 sessions/2-3 hours each session


Speech & Language Assessments

Focus: Assessment to determine current level of communication extent of speech/language delays, articulation challenges and need for communication device.

Sessions: 2 to 3 session 30 minutes each

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Focus: Occupational Therapy assessment determine your child's current level of neuro-developmental functioning, visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, fine motor and gross motor skills, motor planning, daily living skills as well as sensory processing skills so that recommendations can be provided to help your child become more successful in their environment.

Sessions: 2 to 3 session 30 minutes each


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