Speech &
Language Therapy 

SMC provides individual speech and language therapy. Speech and language therapies address a variety of deficits that impact social communication.

Speech is the verbal means of communicating and includes articulation, voice, and fluency.

Speech therapy targets problems in articulation, voice and fluency. 

  •  Articulation-how speech sounds are made 

  • Voice- use of the vocal folds and breathing to produce (speech)

  •  Fluency- the rhythm of speech 

 Language therapy can address deficits in socially shared rules that include the following areas: 

  • What words mean

  • How to put words together 

What word combinations are best in what situations (social language)

Social language (pragmatics)

  • using language for different purposes

  • changing language according to the needs of listener or situation

  • following rules of conversation 

  •  storytelling 

In addition language therapy can focus on receptive language (comprehension) and/or expressive language (difficulties sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings). 

We often see parents placing great emphasis on speech and less on the development of language.  A child must have the words to speak in order to be an effective social communicator (social pragmatics).

Language deficits and disorders impact a child’s social and academic learning capacity. When a child is struggling in the following areas, language testing may identify the source of the learning barrier: 

  • Difficulty following/understanding directions

  • Difficulty learning vocabulary

  • Problems understanding instruction(s) Difficulty retaining information

  • Reading comprehension problems

  • Difficulty putting ideas into words 

  • Difficulty putting words into organized sentences

  • Trouble getting others to understand what they are trying to communicate

  • Social isolation-unwilling to participate in class 

  • Interferes with ability to demonstrate what is learned

 At SMC all speech and language interventions are preceded by a speech & language assessment testing and a comprehensive plan of care.